Embossing/Debossing Dies & Inserts

If you’re looking for dies and inserts, we have the ability to perform embossing and debossing. At Illinois Engraving & Manufacturing Co., we specialize in custom engraving, and have been in the business for 85 years.  

What is Embossing?  

Embossing consists of raising a logo or image creating a 3D graphic that pops up from the surface. We have embossing dies and inserts for you to use to push into your material to create the logo or image you’d like.

What is Debossing?

Debossing is just the opposite of embossing. Debossing dies and inserts allow you to make an indent into the material you’d wish for logos and images. Debossing allows you to leave as is or fill in the logo or image with ink to customize it.

Why Choose Illinois Engraving & Manufacturing? 

First off, the benefits of embossing and debossing give you an opportunity to be creative in making a logo or image. Our custom engraved steel stamps and precision engraving services give you several options for debossing and embossing.  

If you’re looking to get a logo or image debossed or embossed in material, we can help you out with our precision engraving services. Our experienced team can show you the benefits and make your life much easier.  

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