Custom Hot Stamping Dies in Chicago, IL

Illinois Engraving provides Hot Stamping Dies reproduced from artwork, drawings or instruct, in a variety of materials.


    • For marking plastics and soft materials through foil.
    • Engraved and fitted to match flat, curved or odd shape surfaces.
    • We are equipped to provide fixturing for your press if required.
    • Dies can be mounted on aluminum backing plates for additional height requirements.
    • Dies made with cavity pockets can accommodate individual inserts or type for marking part numbers or logos.



  • Tool steel material that is machined, engraved, hardened and ground.
  • Appropriate for long running applications.
  • Although the most expensive alternative, it would pay for itself with reduced downtime.
  • Can be engraved to fit contoured parts.


  • Machine engraved.
  • Similar properties to steel except about 25% less expensive.
  • Better heat transfer than steel but not nearly as durable.


  • Photo etched from artwork.
  • Good application for ornate graphics since the etching process is faster than mechanical engraving.
  • Heat transfer similar to brass.
  • Durability similar to brass.
  • A limiting factor is that they can only be etched .040″ deep, although open areas can be machined deeper.


  • Photo etched like copper.
  • Magnesium dies will transfer heat as well as copper or brass.
  • It is the least expensive die material, but also the least durable metal.

Three thicknesses of magnesium are available.

  • 1/4″ thick (.250″ thick with .080″ – .125″ etched relief)
  • 11 point (.156″ thick with .060″ – .080″ etched relief)
  • 16 gauge (.062″ thick with .035″ – .045″ etched relief

Custom Hot Stamping Dies

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